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Flatbed container semi trailer
Flatbed container semi trailer Flatbed container semi trailer Flatbed container semi trailer Flatbed container semi trailer Flatbed container semi trailer

Flatbed container semi trailer

Product Attributes :

TITAN 40 ft flatbed container semi trailer loading weight can carry loads 40 ton . Titan tri axle faltbed trailer are noted for their highly robust structure steel, we can provide difference configurations of our flat bed semi trailer to meet your transportation requirement.

Product Description

Video-TITAN Flatbed container semi trailer

                                                        40ft 3axles container flatbed trailer -www.titan-vehicle.com


                                                 2 axle container flatbed trailer -www.titan-vehicle.com


                                                       4axles container flatbed trailer -www.titan-vehicle.com

                                                  4 axles flatbed with single tire -www.titan-vehicle.com     

                                       40ft container transportation extendable flatbed trailer

                                            3 axles side wall Flatbed


TITAN tridem axle 40 ft Flatbed container semi trailer

TITAN 40ft 3 Axle Container Flatbed container Semi Trailer, offer the container trailers to maximize the payload. TITAN flatbed container trailer adopt advanced design concept. After fully understanding and analysing the transportation environment in different countries. Also the length of the trailers can be customized, like 45ft, 48ft, or 53ft container transportation trailers.

TITAN Container flatbed trailer is designed for stevedoring and transporting 1x40’, 1x 20’or 2x20’ISO Cargo Containers and loose cargos. To make sure the servise life of semi flatbed trailers , all the apare parts we adopt are World Famous brand. We use famous German WABCO braking valve will definitely shorten the Braking Distance, to make the safety of the trailers and the drivers for our Flatbed container trailer truck. Also the trailers floor is checker plate, this will keep the other bulk cargo more stable, like the bags, or long stuff.


Brand TITAN Flatbed container semi Trailer
Overall dimension 12500mm X 2500mm X 1550mm
Transport 20ft, 40ft containers
Axle 3 axles, 13t 
Suspension  Heavy duty mechanical suspension
Tire 12 units
Landing gear JOST
Brake system WABCO
King pin


Electical system 24V, LED lights



                                                            40t 3 axle semi trailer -www.titan-vehicle.com    

container flatbed trailer with FUWA Bogie suspension

                                             container flatbed trailer with FUWA Bogie suspension -www.titan-vehicle.com

4Axles container flatbed trailer

                                                      4Axles container flatbed trailer -www.titan-vehicle.com 

TITAN Vehicle has built a large-scale modern plant , the most advanced semi trailer assembly line, spray chamber, and process equipment, the annual design and production capacity of which can reach 3000 unties. with good equipment and process,by these,the company can ensure delivery time.

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