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120 tons Low Bed Trailer
120 tons Low Bed Trailer

120 tons Low Bed Trailer

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TITAN offer the most durable 4Axles 80t low bed trailer to load the heavy machines

Product Description

90 ton Low Bed Trailer


TITAN 4Axles 90t low bed trailer Provide high quality strong lowbed trailers and deliver strength and durability to meet the transport needs. We adopt famous brand parts, like WAbco, German famous brand, Improve the system's reaction sensitivity and stability, More Safe. For the steel material, we use high strength steel material for the heavy haul lowbed trailers



TITAN Low bed trailer adopts 550mm main beam, effectively increase the loading capacity by 20%more than ordinary trailer which uses 500mm main beam, ensuring the main beam resistance to twisting forces, shocks and bumps, and to meet load requirements on different kind of roads.


  • Transport 80-100 TON

  • Heavy duty mechanical suspention

  • 4 units Axles

  • Height of the working platform: 850mm-1200 mm

  • Hydraulic ramp is an option for loading and unloading

  • With cooler water tankers






Brand TITAN 90 Ton Lowbed Trailer
Overall dimension 16000mm X 3000mm X 1800mm
Loading capacity  90 ton
Axle 4 axles
Suspension  Heavy duty mechanical suspension
Tire 16 units
Landing gear JOST
Brake system WABCO
King pin


Electical system 24V, LED lights



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