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Turntable Bolster Modular Trailer

Turntable Bolster Modular Trailer

40400 USD

Price Reference Only.

TITAN Hydraulic modular trailer for transport oversize and over weight freights.

SKU: Turntable Bolster Modular Trailer
GTIN: 06975766111434
MPN: TITAN6811006

Product Description:

Turntable Bolster Gooseneck Modular Trailer for carrying 120 ton 200 ton tank

TITAN designs and produce turntable bolster goosenck modular trailer for transpoting 120 ton to 200 ton large tank, the modular trailer equipped with hydraulic cylinders turntables and bolsters are able to automatically follow steering of modular trailer and tractor.

When truck head turning, hydraulic pressure from front turntable will be passed to rear bolster, then steering cylinder will pull or push suspension via tie rod to realize simultaneous steering, and the steering angle up to 100°, just image the long cargo as a steering rod.

Our TITAN turntable bolster can be supplied to fit with Goldhofer THP/SL, Scheuerle InterCombi, Nicolas MDED, Cometto 51M, Scheuerle SPMT and Goldhofer PST SPMT.


Features of TITAN Turntable Bolster:

  • Samll turning radius.

  • Platform height 650mm+/-280mm

  • steering angle up to 100° and stability.

  • Spread concentrated weight via distribution bolster.

  • Protect long cargo away from twist force.

  • Hydraulic jacking up system help to lift cargo.

  • hydraulic steering system integrated.

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Idris from Ghana - 2021-12-06T17:12:55+0800
From the production of this turntable bolster gooseneck modular trailer, it can be seen that the production technology is very good. I bought it to do very important work. I hope that it will be used in the future.