45 Ton Container Side Lifter Truck

TITAN 40ft container side loaders with superior lifter Capacity, 37/45 ton rated laod and Cost effective container lifting and transport equipment. We offer 40ft container side loader to meet all container handling needs. 


TITAN Container side loader have made work flexible, Save time and improve productivity for satisfied customers around the world. We adopt World famous brand parts of the side lifter cranes, like AMCA Holand hydraulic lifting system, NBB Germany Remote Control. 


The sidelifter loads and unloads containers through a pair of hydraulic powered cranes mounted at each end of the vehicle chassis. 


TITAN 40ft Container Side Loader is used for loading and unloading 40ft container or 20ft container.


If you're interested in more details or other models,welcome to search "TITAN vehicle" on Youtube ,thanks !