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35CBM End Dump Semi Trailer

35CBM End Dump Semi Trailer

17500 USD

The 35cbm end dump semi trailer designed by TITAN is mainly used for the transportation of coal, ore, and construction materials (including sand, soil, bulk goods, etc.).

SKU: 35CBM End Dump Semi Trailer
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35CBM End Dump Semi Trailer:

End dump semi trailer is one of the transportation vehicles widely used in construction and other industrial fields at present. Rear dump semi trailer has incomparable advantages over other transportation vehicles in terms of operation efficiency, transportation efficiency and material surplus rate.

TITAN end dump semi trailer is using the high strength steel HG60 to make the main beam of the trailer, which made the dump semi trailer has a better bearing capacity.

35cbm end dump semi trailer

35CBM End Dump Semi Trailer for Sale Prices in Benin

35cbm end dump semi trailer

35CBM End Dump Semi Trailer for Sale Prices in Benin

35cbm end dump semi trailer

35CBM End Dump Semi Trailer for Sale Prices in Benin


Specifications of dump semi trailer:

Dimension: 8000mm * 2500mm *1600mm ( inside dimension )

Main beam: Height: 480mm-500mm, Upper plate: 16mm-25mm, Middle plate: 12mm-20mm, Lower plate: 18mm-25mm

Total volume(m³): 33 CBM

Side wall thickness: 4 - 6mm

End plate: 8mm 

Lifting System: Full set of HYVA lifting cylinder

Axle: 13T/16T, FUWA / BPW / TITAN Brand

Rim: 8.0-20 or 9.00-20

Tire: 8.25R20/10.00R20/11.00R20/12R22.5

Suspension: Mechanical suspension

Spring leaf: 90(W)mmx13(Thickness)mmx10 layers

Kingpin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5inch(bolted or welded type)

Landing gear: JOST brand


Advantages of the TITAN dump semi trailer:

1. Double-plate main beam. TITAN is using the double-plate main beam for end dump semi trailer; the main beam is designed with double plates, which have stronger carrying capacity; it is not easy to damage;

2. Hydraulic cylinder: The heavy-duty cylinder with a wider diameter, stronger lifting capacity and higher height, which makes the lifting more stable and does not easy to roll over.

3. Steel material. TITAN is using the HG60 high-strength steel, which can effectively prevent collision and avoid deformation of the cargo box of the dump semi trailer.


Package of the end dump semi trailer:

35cbm end dump semi trailer


Through these videos, you can learn about different types of tipper semi trailer, as well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

semi tipper trailer

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Mr. yahya from Tanzania - 2022-09-05T14:09:37+0800
I just received the 35cbm end dump semi trailer after receiving it recently, the delivery is very fast, the quality is very good, it is highly recommended