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Wind Tower Adaptor

Wind Tower Adaptor

70000 USD

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TITAN Wind Tower Adaptor  for hauling wind tower

SKU: Wind Tower Adaptor Trailer
GTIN: 06975766110727
MPN: TITAN6810011

Product Description:

TITAN designs and produces Wind tower trailer for hauling 30 meters to 35 meter wind tower, After the mounting process, ,the wind tower mounting plate holes are precision machines to fit perfectly no matter what band or size, greatly reducing damage to the paint on the tower section. and TITAN Wind Tower Trailer have proven to be the most efficient, lightest-weight option for customers.


Wind Tower Adaptor

Wind Tower Adaptor

Wind Tower Adaptor

Wind Tower Adaptor



1.Transport 30 meters - 35 meters Wind Tower

2.Hydraulic suspension system.

3.Steering Axles , and the streering angle is +/-45°

4.Hydraulic gooseneck or fixed gooseneck


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Đu Minh from Da Nang - 2021-12-03T18:12:04+0800
The wind tower adaptor can move to avoid the obstacle, it's very nice.