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Turntable Livestock Drawbar Trailer

Turntable Livestock Drawbar Trailer

9000 USD

Price: 9000 USD


There are many types of full trailers: flatbed full trailer, cargo drawbar trailer, interlink full trailer, draw bar fuel tanker trailer and dump drawbar trailer

SKU: Turntable Livestock Drawbar Trailer
GTIN: 06975766112202
MPN: TITAN9409203

Livestock Drawbar Trailer Description:

TITAN turntable livestock drawbar trailer is generally composed of a frame, a body, a traction device, a steering device, a suspension, a walking system, a braking system, and a signal system. The upper wing surfaces of the straight beam frame rails are all straight.

draw bar trailer

draw bar trailer

Turntable Livestock Drawbar Trailer for Sale 

draw bar trailer

Turntable Livestock Drawbar Trailer for Sale 



Dimension: 7900mm*2700*1600mm

Loading capacity: 10~30 ton

Side wall: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm

Axles: 2X14 ton TITAN

Tire: 12R22.5, 8 units

King pin: 90# JOST

Landing gear: JOST C200

Brake system: WABCO Valve and relays/ABS

Suspension: Mechanical Spring Suspension

Container lock: 4units




Michael Meltzer from Tanzania - 2022-08-24T16:08:03+0800
I have Bought a turntable livestock drawbar trailer last year. This is the second purchase. Titan is always a trusted partner.