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Concrete Mixer Trailers

TITANcement mixer trailer, concrete mixer trailer for sale, used concrete mixer trailer for sale, cement mixer trailer for sale, trailer mounted concrete mixer, are usually to transport concrete for construction engineering.
TITAN cement mixer trailer, concrete mixer trailer for sale, used trailers 1-yard concrete mixer for sale, used concrete mixer trailer for sale, cart away concrete mixer for sale, cart away concrete mixers are usually to transport concrete for constructio
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Concrete mixer trailers just as the name suggested, a trailer with a huge round drum at the back. The drum is used to mix concrete that is required for construction projects. concrete mixer trailer is usually to transport concrete from concrete batching plant to work it's in a long distance.

Concrete mixer trailers for sale can feed, store, and discharge different types and grades of concrete to different construction projects. During a long process of delivering concrete, the mixing drum is rotating constantly to avoid solidification and segregation in order to guarantee the quality of concrete.  The capacity of trailer concrete mixer truck for sale we can supply is from 3m³ to 16 m³. If customers have special requirements of volumes, we also can produce.

concreate xement trailer

The Operation Methods Of The Concrete Mixing Trailer

1. The parts of the mechanical system should be carefully checked before starting, and only if confirmation is done, cement mixer trailer for sale can be started. The stirring lever should be placed in the “neutral” position. And the water in the cylinder should be drained.

2. When feeding concrete, the mixing lever should be placed in the “loading” position. When discharging concrete, the stirring lever should be placed in the “discharging” position.

3. Before transportation, the discharging groove must be fixed in the “driving” position to prevent swinging. When operating the joystick, you should stop at the “neutral” position for a short stay, then move to the next position.

4. Do well in the construction of civilization and the residual material in the drum is not allowed to dump casually. After discharging, the mixing drum, chute, roller and other parts must be cleaned.

5. When the operator enters the tank of concrete mixer trailers to clear the concrete blocks, the vehicle should be stalled.

The maintenance of the engine of mixer trailer for sale. Since the engine structure of concrete mixer semi trailer is complex, the assembly device is very precise, and numerous electric control parts are installed in the concrete trailer for sale.

cement trailer

Maintenance Of Engine Of Concrete Mixer Trailer

As for the engine, if you want to be able to use the engine for a long period of time, the necessary attention should be paid to the use and maintenance.

1. In the process of driving the volumetric concrete mixer trailer, the operator should pay attention to the relevant instructions on the instrument, for example, to observe the water thermometer, oil lamp and charging indicator. Once a mini concrete mixer trailer occurs a bad phenomenon that the operator should immediately deal with.

2. Keep the engine speed under the red scale of the tachometer to avoid overloading the engine. Maintain the engine regularly. It is important to maintain the engine on time according to mileage and choose the right engine oil. Keep the coolant clean, so that the engine has good heat dissipation. Regularly clean engine oil and gas path to ensure the engine has a smooth flow of oil and gas.

3. Starting the engine under a cold temperature state, you should make a necessary operation of preheating. Due to the engine of small concrete mixer trailer under the normal operating temperature, the running resistance between its parts, wear and work stability is the best, preheating operation is indispensable.

concrete cement trailer

4. Fuel specification that should meet the requirements. Fuel quality has a great influence on engine combustion. Inferior gasoline can make the combustion chamber, fuel injector, inlet valve produce large amounts of carbon deposit and rubber deposit. Meanwhile, oil-sealed reducer of trailer mounted concrete mixer could prevent occurring the phenomenon of engine idle speed instability and difficulty of acceleration.

5. The fuel injection amount in the oil tank of the portable cement mixer trailer should be kept as far as the remaining 1/3, so as to make the gasoline pump have good heat dissipation and ensure that the gasoline pump has a long lifespan.

6. Start the engine in a quiet state to let the engine idle and speed up for several seconds and listen to the sound of the engine to judge the engine state. If the concrete mixer on trailer is normal, the engine operation voice should be more deeper and regular. If there is a sharp sound, please immediately go to a garage for a diagnosis, to avoid causing greater damages.



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